Interview with Richard Logan-Baker

Briefly explain your role at DreamWalker Games Ltd.

My role in DreamWalker actually spans quite a few roles. I am the Managing Director of DreamWalker Games. Also, I am the Lead Developer and, on rare occasions, I help out with compositions in the Audio Department. I’ll briefly explain what I do in each role.

As a Managing Director, I deal with the day-to-day running of the business needs of the company. Typical daily tasks can vary greatly, from dealing with Companies House/HMRC to attending Networking Events or even managing our webserver and company data.

As a Lead Developer, I lead the Coding Department in developing the code for our various projects. Personally, I tend to excel at what is called “Tools Development”. This type of development is basically where you develop functions that make doing other tasks easier. Being a good tools developer is a good trait to have in the programming world, as it means you have the urge to optimise all your code, which is only ever a good thing! I oversee the design of any code within a project and I am responsible for keeping up the design documentation within the code itself. I also oversee any junior developers that work within the coding department and ensure that they receive the proper training to be the best at their job!


How did you get into Software Development?

I knew that I wanted to be a Games Developer since I was 13 years old. I played Final Fantasy VII back then and immediately wanted to make “my own Final Fantasy VII”, so I set about learning what was involved in developing a video game. I eventually settled that I was going to be a programmer (as my drawing skills were and still are, absolutely terrible!). So, I began to learn a little bit of Visual Basic in my spare time.

I eventually attended College where I learnt Visual Basic 6.0 as part of the course that I was on. Sadly, this was just as Visual Basic .NET was just released, so the language that I learnt was pretty much useless as soon as I’d learnt it! However, after college, I began to learn other languages on my own and became fairly proficient at VB .NET.

When it came time to study at University, I immediately chose to study at Abertay University studying Computer Games Programming (big thanks to Matthew Bett for introducing me through the Webcomic Cascade Failure, you guys were my heroes, seriously!).

I went on and eventually managed to found DreamWalker Games and became a Games Developer.


Which programs do you use for your role?

For Software Design:

  • N-Class (a great free UML designer that is compatible with C#)

For Documentation:

  • Doxygen (Another great little program that can compile interactive documentation from XML comments in code “///”

For Software Development:

  • Visual Studio 2010 Enterprise Edition
  • TortoiseSVN (for repository management of code)
  • Sublime Text 3 (Works for a quick-fix or if I’m developing in other languages, brilliant code editor!)

For Game Design:

  • Unity3D

For occasional artwork:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6

For web-server management:

  • Parallels Plesk for Windows 12.0.18
  • MailEnable Mail Management
  • IIS (Internet Information Services)
  • Linux Bash Scripting
  • PuTTy

For occasional audio composition:

  • REAPER Digital Audio Workstation


How do you interact with the other members of the team?

As the Managing Director, it’s my job to know all of the other members of my team really well. I can say that, at the time of this article going to print, that I know each and every single member of my team very well and we socialise together when geography allows! We mostly interact with each other over Skype, as some of the team are still scattered throughout the UK. I would also like to think that each and every member of the team interacts well with me and puts their trust in me!


What would be your dream game to work on?

I am already working on my dream game! It’s called Farendys Majora and, whilst there isn’t much coverage on it on our website page, believe me when I say that there are great things to come for this project. Farendys is a MASSIVE undertaking for a team so small, but I would most certainly like DreamWalker Games Ltd to be well known as the smallest indie company to create a AAA-quality JRPG!

I really would love to show you all what we have in store with Farendys, but I have to be patient and wait until our first official unveiling preview. I hope that the end product of Farendys is every bit as exciting for the players to play as it was for the team and I to create!